Friday, January 22, 2010

Colour Matching Game

I found this great idea on the 4 Crazy Kings blog and knew i wanted to make it for the kids right away. I made it ever so slightly differently to the one on the blog mainly because i didn't have a paper plate and it was just after midnight when i started. Neevah has enjoyed playing with it this morning and after been shown how to pinch the pegs she did really well however it was a bit hard for Liam.

Things you will need
Thick Cardboard
Paint (i have used 6 different colours)
Pencil (to mark out segments)

To Make
1 . Draw a Circle on your Cardboard i did this with a compass but you could also draw around a dinner plate or something similar. Then cut it out.

2 . Divide your circle into 6 even segments (or as many segments as you need for each paint colour)

3 . Paint your segments and your pegs. I have used white plastic pegs as that is all i could find but you could also use wooden pegs.

4 . Let it dry ... the pegs might take a while to dry I left them over night.
This took me about 45 mins to make and was totally worth the extra late bedtime. Neevah said it is like building a sunshine which has given me another great idea.
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