Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Glitter Incident

A few days ago my facebook status was 'there has been a glitter incident reports from the scene are of glitter carnage, detectives are in pursuit of a pesky fairy.' While I can see the funny side to the whole situation at the time it was a huge mess!

Neevah got hold of a big container of glitter which i thought was safely packed away in the cupboard. I heard a tell tale giggle and then quick as a flash she was running down the hall to the bedroom, into the bedroom, shut the door all the time with mum in pursuit and just as i opened the door she tipped the whole container upside down on the carpet. So that in itself is not so bad the mess was contained to one spot. I ushered Neevah out of the bedroom, shut the door and headed off to get the vacuum. By this time Liam had come to investigate Neevah opened the door for him so he could see the glitter. In the few minutes it took me to get the vacuum out Liam was having alot of glittery fun. He jumped in the glitter, he stomped in the glitter, he sat in the glitter, he swished it around with his hands and when he saw me comming he ran up the hall and jumped into the beanbag leaving a trail of glitter behind him. I vacuumed up the mess while this should be simple task somehow i ended up covered in glitter and the vacuum did as well. It has now been 3 or 4 days since the glitter incident we have now got rid of 90% of the glitter but it is still turning up in odd places like on my keyboard and on the bathroom taps which brings me to ask will we ever be glitter free?

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