Sunday, January 24, 2010

Paper Chain Snake

Since Australia Day is Tuesday 26th January I thought this would be a great time to make some aussie animal crafts. Neevah had been asking for a few days if we could please make a snake so yesterday we went out and brought some green paper that i thought would be excellent to make paper chains in hindsight i wish i had chosen something a little bit brighter. You can make your snake any colour Green and Gold would be very patriotic for Australia Day or you could get your child to paint some paper and then cut it into strips to make a paper chain. I don't think i need to share a How To for this craft but i will share some photos of Neevah making her snake it really was a team effort.

Neevah getting the hang of holding the pieces of paper together so we can stick them

Neevah wrestling with the sticky tape but not letting go of her snake

All done time to play
Sharing her snack with the snake.


Mama King said...

So cute! Although my little ones LOVE tape and would end up wrapped in tape. I think we'll have to live dangerously and give this a try. Plus they can learn about Australia Day! Thanks :-)

Philippa said...

any excuse to use tape Neevah loves it as well and tends to pull of lengths much much much longer than she needs but it is all part of the learning curve and as long as they are happy / having fun I am happy to :)

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