Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Plan....

To put it simply my plan is to be more creative and to pass on my love of craft to my children.

Since Neevah has so far shown very little interest in her Alphabet I thought this would be a good place to start providing lots of opportunities for crafts and learning. I found this great blog No Time For Flashcards and it has provided me with a lot of inspiration and great crafts to try with the kids.

In a few weeks we will be starting a project I am calling A Letter A Week we will be doing a craft or project every weekday to do with the letter in the hope to increase Neevahs letter recognition. I have chosen to allocate projects only to the weekdays for now so it will give us a little bit of flexibility if we cant do a craft on any particular day we can catch it up on the weekend.

My Ideas so far
Monday - Introduce the Letter by turning it into an item that starts with that letter or decorating it with items that start with the letter eg S is for Snake
Tuesday - Library trip with Daddy to borrow books to do with the letter
Wednesday - Baking
Thursday - Craft
Friday - Pretend Play, Game or Craft

After the Crafting or Play i am hoping to reinforce the activity by singing a song or reading a book that ties in with what we have been doing that day.
I also think displaying the creations for the duration of the week would be a good idea and provide more opportunities to talk about Letters. I have not decided how we are going to do this yet.

I am very excited to start.....
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