Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Requested Fairy

As soon as i mentioned last Sunday that F was for fairy Neevah was sold she really wanted this weeks letter to be F and i have spent the week trying to work out how to make a fairy! The fairy that eventuated today is far from the original plan that i had but Neevah is happy and in my eyes that is what counts.

You will need
2 pieces of paper
1 patty pan/cupcake case
Paint or Markers
1 pipe cleaner
2 paper doilies

To Make
1 .Set your child up with paints or marker pens and a piece of paper and let them decorate what will become the fairy's dress
2 .Cut half the frill off a cup cake case and get your child to draw a face on it then cut the remaining frill to make hair
3 .Cut on paper doily in half and put these aside and cut the other paper doily into quarters (you will need 2 quarters to make the wings)
4 .Cut out a dress shape from the paper your child decorated
5 .Glue the 2 half doilies onto the paper to form wings
6.Glue on the dress and the head
7 .Glue on the quarter pieces of doily one to each side so it completes the wings
8.Cut the pipe cleaner in half and then insert under the edge of the dress to form arms
Neevah with her Fairy that she named Sunshine

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