Monday, February 1, 2010

B is for Butterfly

Today we have started the Alphabet I am not planning to do it in any particular order. My plan is to choose things that are interesting to Neevah i am sure eventually we will cover the whole Alphabet.
Yesterday i asked her what she would like to make and we settled on a spotty dotty butterfly. Neevah normally calls butterflys wonderflys but once i started repeating B is for butterfly she is now calling them butterflys alot more often! One very happy mummy!

You will need
2 pieces of paper in different colours
Paint & Small containers to put it in
Black Marker
Cotton Buds

To Make
1 . Put a small amount of paint into each container
2 .Draw the letter B on one piece of paper
3 .Let them paint the butterflys wings using the cotton buds to spot and dot the paint
4 .Draw on the body and antenna with black marker (I did this then Neevah decided it needed just a few more spots)
4 .Let it dry
5 .Cut it out and glue it onto your 2nd piece of paper.

While Neevahs Butterfly was drying she did lots more spotty dotty painting and had lots of fun. Once we had glued on her butterfly I added B is for Butterfly to the bottom as we are going to put them into a folder to make her very own ABC Book.


Mama King said...

Very pretty. I can see why she used to call the wonderflys.

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