Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Buzzing Bees and a Bee Hive

According to my plan today Neevah and I should have been baking biscuts or something else equally delicious but to be quite honest our house looked like a bomb had hit it and we had dishes for miles. Now i must admit I am not a domestic goddess give me the the choice between a domestic duty and something creative the creative option wins hands down but it gets to the point were you just cant ignore the mess and this morning was that morning I could not ignore it anymore. By the time I had done the dishes the last thing i wanted to do was bake so instead i gave Neevah a few options and she decide she would like to make some Buzzing Bees.

You will need
2 Pieces of Paper (Neevah picked cream and light green)
Yellow paint
Black marker pen
Bubble Wrap
Paper Plate

To Make
1 .From one piece of paper cut out a bee hive shape
2 .Put the yellow paint onto a paper plate and spread it out
3 .Use the bubble wrap to paint the bee hive then put it aside to dry
4 .Get your child to do thumb prints using the yellow paint on the other piece of paper
5 .Add wings and antennae to the thumb prints so they look like bees

About here Neevah started to loose interest and just wanted to paint

6 .Add a door to your beehive
7 .Glue your bee hive onto the piece of paper with the bees on it
By now Neevah was over this project if your child is still interested you could add stripes to the bees with the black marker and ask them to draw some flowers. Actually in hindsight it would have been good if Neevah had drawn flowers on the paper right at the start while i was cutting out the beehive.

ETA i can not take credit for the bubble wrap idea i found it on No Time for Flashcards where she used it for a different craft


Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

This is soooo cute! I have a busy bee song and this will go perfect with it!

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

I love the idea of using bubble wrap! Brilliant. And I'm totally jealous of the pic of your little boy barefoot and without a shirt. Oh summer... you are so far away! :)

applesandabcs said...

I love this! I am doing something similar with my kinders!


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