Monday, February 8, 2010

F is for Footprint

This week with a bit of help we picked the letter F mainly because F is for Fairy and Neevah really liked the idea of making a fairy she was jumping up and down and singing yippy yay yippy yay at the thought. I couldn't figure out a way to make a F look like a fairy so we went with F is for Footprint which was much more brain cell friendly to plan and execute. I am pleased we picked something easy as Neevah had a rough night last night and hardly slept and the result today is a bit of a grumpy girl.

You will Need
3 Pieces of Paper
Black Paint or Ink
Marker Pens / Paint / Coloured Pencils (to decorate the F)
Baby Wipes or Damp Face washer

To Make
1 . Paint your childs foot black and press it onto one piece of paper you will need to do this twice then clean immediately with baby wipes this reduces the mess factor alot then set footprints aside to dry
2 . Draw the outline of the letter F and let your child decorate it
3 .Cut out the footprints and the letter F
4 . Glue the letter F and the footprints to your remaining piece of paperThen i wrote on the top F is for Footprint as it will be put into a folder to make Neevahs very own ABC book. If i was to do this again i would do the footprints on the same colour paper as the letter F as i think this would keep the F shape a little bit better also i have used the same foot twice as i was only planning to use one footprint when we started the activity but it looked a little plain so we added the other footprint but it would look great with a left and a right footprint.


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