Friday, February 5, 2010

Floating Boats

The last B activity for the week was making boats unfortunately i didn't get many photos of the boat making I got sidetracked and when i turned around she was almost done! Although this activity was really simple Neevah had alot of fun sailing her boats, experimenting with sinking & floating, she then took the sails off and they became speed boats for a little while and then she used the containers to scoop the water.

You will need
Small plastic container
Paper for the sails
Sticky Tape
Blue Tack, Playdough or something similar
Marker pens or something to decorate the sails

To Make
1 .Cut out sail shapes from paper
2 .Let your child decorate the sails with the marker pens
3 .Put a small amount of blue tack into the bottom on the container
4 .Once the sail is decorated stick a straw to it with sticky tape
5 .Put the straw into the blue tack and then pinch the blue tack up around the straw so it sits straight
6 .Fill up paddling pool,bath or large container with water so the boats can sail/float
The boats we made did tip over quite easily i think making the straws a bit shorter so the boat is more squat might have prevented this but they were still alot of fun to play with.


Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

Cute boats! I haven't seen someone make a boat that actually will sail in the water.

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