Friday, February 12, 2010

How Do Your Flowers Grow?

Our flowers grew in numbered pots today as we attempted a simple counting activity. Neevah loves to count so i thought she would love this as it incorporated two of her favourtie things counting and glue! During this there was a lot of discussion such as This pot has a number 2 on it how many flowers grow in this pot? This pot has a number 5 on it can you glue 5 flowers on the stems? After all the flowers were glued on we went back and counted how many flowers were in each pot and how many flowers there were in total. Neevah enjoyed this activity and showing it off to her daddy so much so it is now hanging on our pantry door. This activity could be done with many different subjects a few i thought of all with the F theme - Frogs in Ponds, Fish in Fishbowls and Fairys on Mushrooms

You will need
5 pieces of paper
Marker Pens
Scrap Paper (to cut out flower shapes from)

To Make
1 .Cut out your flowers shapes and let your child decorate them
2 .On each piece of paper draw a flower pot, stems and number the pot according to how many stems there are.
3 .Stick on your flowers
Also i would like to share a photo of the birthday card I made, the Lion is super super cute you can find the instructions for this and a very cute rabbit on the Little Page Turners blog


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