Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mini Marshmallow Mountains

This activity is all about fine motor skills, having fun, creating a little bit of mess and best of all you can eat your creation. Neevah really enjoyed this activity she was right into stabbing the marshmallows, dipping them and stacking them as best she could while Liam did some stabbing, some dipping, no stacking and lots of eating!

You will need:
Mini Marshmallows
Chocolate Icing
2 Containers & a Plate

This activity is pretty simple but i will briefly run through what we did
1 .Mix up some Chocolate Icing
2 .Put the marshmallows and icing into containers and put them on the table along with the plate
3 .Provide toothpicks to stab the marshmallows
4 .Then dip them into the icing
5 .Stack up the marshmallows as high as you can on the plate
Neevahs first attempt at mountain building yesterday. Her second attempt is at the top of the page and she managed to stack them a bit higher today.

Liam doing a spot of icing finger painting
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