Monday, February 15, 2010

S is for Star, Swing, Slide & Stairs

The weather here today is beautiful not to hot and a lovely cool breeze which makes a welcome change from the scorchers we have been having were you feel like you are frying if you venture outside between 9am - 6pm. This mornings request was a trip to the park which is around the corner from our house this was brilliant as it fitted in nicely with this weeks Letter S we had lots of fun swinging, sliding and climbing the stairs. Neevah really got into all the S words at the park and was sitting at the top of the slide yelling S S S Slide and then would push herself down. For our craft today Neevah picked S is for Stars which i think might be her favourite shape as she likes to pick them out everywhere we go.

You will need
2 pieces of paper
Marker Pens
Star Stickers
Scrap paper (to cut some bigger stars from)

To Make
1 .Draw an S onto 1 piece of paper and let your child colour it with maker pens
2 .While they are colouring cut out a few larger stars from scrap paper
3 .Stick the star stickers onto your S
4 .Cut out your letter S and glue it onto the remaining piece of paper
5 . Glue on the larger stars
Another great S is for star can be found on the No Time For Flashcards Blog

Also i will share a few photos from the park today as it fits so nicely with our S theme

Liam Swinging

Neevah Sliding

Neevah Climbing the Stairs

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