Friday, February 19, 2010

Super Slimy Playtime

Yesterdays craft was a bit of a flop so much so that i didn't share it so today i planned to keep it simple and it was a great success. Neevah had alot of fun playing with the slime she giggled while picking it up, she giggled while it slid off her fingers and she giggled even harder as she dribbled it all over my arms. The Slime was super easy to make and child friendly while this is a slightly messy activity the clean up was very easy.

To Make
Add 1/2 cup of water and 2 cups of Cornstarch or if you are in Australia it is called Cornflour to a large bowl and mix then add food colouring and stir.
If it is to wet add more cornflour or if it is to dry add more water
It is the right consistency if it feels hard when you hit it with a fork and also drips off the fork

I would suggest taking this activity outside or putting down something that is washable/wipeable for them to play on and also wearing play clothes just incase. To clean up we washed everything under the outside tap it came off our hands etc very easily.
Neevah Giggling at the funny feeling slime

Neevah watching the slime drip off her fingers

A Fist of Slime
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