Thursday, February 25, 2010

Water Prints

So simple but my kids honestly love standing in water and then leaving their water foot prints on the pavers I provide them with a shallow container of water that they can get both feet into and they are entertained for 30 minutes if not more. Neevah has just started noticing the differences between between the prints such as different foot sizes and that the prints look different when she walks, runs or jumps she also loves it when the dog leaves paw prints. This has now graduated to other water prints such as putting balls in water sometimes they roll the balls and sometimes they bounce the balls the kids always love to see what print has been left behind. If the paddling pool has water in it Liam also enjoys putting his ride on car into the water and then riding to across the pavers leaving trails. There are so many other items that could leave water prints you could try toy cars, dolls & sponges just to think of a few and do you know what I like the most there is no clean up when they have finished playing we simply tip the container of water onto the garden and off they go to play with something else.

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