Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Birds

Birds are not traditionally associated with easter unless it is a chicken but it isn't a huge stretch of the imagination with so many eggs arounds. These easter birds are really bright and can be easily hung . Inspiration for these birds can be found here they are a little bit messy to make and Neevah did need some help (would be great for 4yrs+) but overall they are well worth the effort . How cute would these be as easter decorations around the house or hanging from trees in the garden as the kids hunt for eggs.

You will need

Egg Carton
Wiggly Eyes
Needle and Thread if you would like the hung them

To Make
1 .Cut the egg cartoon so you end up with something that looks like two eyes and a beak
2 . Paint your egg carton birds - Neevah choose pink & purple for todays craft but you could paint them any colours you like3 .Let them dry4 .Glue on eyes - Neevah needed my help with this as hers kept sticking to the side of the egg carton not the bottom5 .Stick on feathers - We found the easiest way was to put glue onto the egg carton where you would like the feathers to go this could be done with a paint brush or fingers6 .Let it dry
7 .If you would like to hang your bird please see the original blog for examples

Neevah introducing herself to the birds

Neevah's bird (I made the bird at the top of the post)

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