Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Egg Alphabet Bunting

After seeing everone super cute heart bunting for Valentines Day I decided we needed some Easter bunting chear to brighten up the house. This project took 3 days to complete with Neevah painting 8 - 9 eggs each day today i helped her out with a few eggs when she was loosing interest.

You will needWhite Paper
CrayonsBlack MarkerRibbonScissors
Staples / Glue

To Make
1 .Cut out 26 egg shapes (I did a few each day)2 .Write the letters of the alphabet on your eggs using crayon3 .Paint the eggs using water colours - this was a great introduction to crayon resistence and Neevah was quite intrigued that she could still see the letters after painting over them and when you have had enough of painting ask some friends (toys) to help

4 .Let the eggs dry
5 .Go over the letters in black marker - I did this so they stand out better when hung up high
6 .Attach your eggs to the ribbon we used staples mostly because i didn't want to wait for them to dry
7 .Hang your bunting


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