Saturday, March 13, 2010

Making Invitations

Liam's 2nd Birthday is fast approaching we are not throwing him a party this year but we are inviting a few little friends to join us for the morning at the zoo. Since we only needed 2 invitations I decided that it would be great if Neevah could help. We came up with this very cute Zebra design ... I used an online colouring page for the Zebra outline then I marked out the stripes with tape and let Neevah go mad with the black paint the off cut paper from the zebra was then painted green for grass.

Neevah painting the Zebra

The painted Zebra drying it doesn't look like much at the moment and at this stage i had huge doubts if this would actually work

The Zebra after having the tape removed

All cut out and ready to go Zebra and grass - the paper curled a bit as it dried but it sticks down just fine

I saw the idea for the zebra on a blog and once again I can not remember where so if this Zebra idea came from your blog please leave me a comment so I can link it up.
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