Friday, March 5, 2010

The Robot Man

Neevah has a soft spot for Robots I am unsure of where this fondness has come from but she gets really excited when she sees a Robot on TV or in a book so I knew when I stumbled across an Aluminum Foil Robot post on the Filth Wizardry blog that it would be a huge hit. I gathered up some items soft drink bottle tops, milk bottle tops and a box which I covered in Aluminium Foil I also put out star stickers, pom poms, pipe cleaners and some shapes cut from coloured card. Unfortunately just as she started to glue on the many parts of her robot my camera batteries went flat! so i don't have any photos of her making her robot. Her design is rather safe not really what i was expecting, to me it looks like more of a square faced person but that doesn't matter she was super proud to show Daddy her robot when he came home and that was enough to melt my heart.Side view showing the cute arm and milk bottle top wheel

Neevah did need a little help with this project such as sticking on the 'antenna / hair' and also she got frustrated with the bottle tops moving around before the glue dried but overall it was really fun.


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