Monday, March 1, 2010

R is for Road

We have been teaching Neevah about crossing roads and car park safety including holding an adults hand and looking both ways to make sure there are no cars coming. I must also mention she likes to yell 'watch out for cars' as soon as we get to the curb and also occasionally when we are in car and stop at an intersection. So this weeks letter just had to be R so we could make a road and Neevah has put in a request this week to make one rabbit which I am pretty confident we can do.

You will need:
2 pieces of paper in different colours
black paint
black marker pen
white paper /white maker/ white paint or something similar to make the road markings
car or truck shapes (i have used some left over trucks I had for scrapbooking but you could draw some cars on coloured paper and cut them out or use car stickers)

To Make
1 .Draw a large R on your first piece of paper with a marker pen
2 .Let your child paint the R black
3 .Let it dry
4 .Put on the road markings - I did this by using white sticker paper and cutting it into small strips and sticking them to the R (this was quite fiddly) you could also draw or paint on the white markings
5 .Cut out the R and glue it onto the remaining piece of paper
6 .Drive your truck shapes around the road a few times for fun
7 . Stick on your cars or trucks

Neevah then went outside to 'drive on the road' ie run around like a crazy person yelling beep beep


Mama King said...

Great project!

Lori said...

I love this!

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