Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rabbit Rabbit Helicopter

We have had a fun filled Rabbit morning ..... First we pretended to be rabbits

Then we did some rabbit size sorting ..... when i hear 'Mummy the helicopter wants to join in' so we did just that with Questions such as can you put the helicopter on the biggest rabbit etc. Next time we do this activity I think we need more than 3 sizes as it was a bit easy.

Then we made some twirling rabbits which are doubling as great rabbit puppets. Neevah has enjoyed spinning/twirling them round and round in her hands and also making them talk and walk. The idea for this Rabbits came from the 4 Crazy Kings blog where she made the cutest Twirling Cat & Ballerina

You will need:
Bamboo Skewer
Marker Pens

To Make:
1 .Cut out 2 matching rabbit shapes (1 for the front & 1 for the back)
2 .Glue the skewer between the rabbit shapes
3 .Let Dry
4 .Decorate the rabbits
5. Rub between your hands/fingers to make them twirl
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