Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Requested Rabbit

On Sunday when we talked about letters Neevah insisted that if R is for Rabbit she wanted to make one well I couldn't let my little girl down so after she was in bed i started searching for Rabbit crafts. I found a great template for a rabbit puppet online but me being me we couldn't just print out the template and stick it together really where is the fun it that! Honestly i enjoy researching the crafts just as much as I enjoy making them Neevah. While on facebook Teach Preschool (it is a facebook fan page she shares so many great ideas well worth becoming a fan if you go to her blog there is a link to become a fan near the bottom of the right column) posted a link for making egg shell shamrocks which got my thinker thinking why not make an egg shell rabbit the eggs we have are brown rabbits are brown this could really work ....

What you will need:
dry crushed eggshells
paper (white & pink)
small shallow dish (to put glue in)
paint brush
popsicle stick
small piece of cardboard (from a cereal packet or similar)

To Make
1 .Print out the Rabbit Template or if you don't have a printer like copy it straight off the screen onto the white paper (if you have copied it off the screen you might like to go around the edges with a marker pen)
2 .Cut out the ears and feet and from the pink paper cut out pieces for the middle of the feet and ears
3 .Cut out the body /head leaving a large gap around the sides. The Photo below is what you should have at this stage
4 .Glue the body /head to the cardboard. The cardboard is to give it some extra strength so the paper doesn't bend under the weight of the egg shells
5 .Spread glue all over the body with a paint brush. Here i asked to Neevah to paint the glue inside the square this added a quick shape lesson to the craft and she did a good job at following this instruction
6 .Press down into the egg shells or sprinkle the egg shells over the glue7 .Trim around the body /head
8 .Glue the pink parts onto the ears and feet and then glue them onto the body. Neevah needed some help with the feet as it was a bit tricky to stick them to the egg shell
9 .Glue on the Popsicle stick we put a peg on it to hold the stick in place
10 . Let it Dry
Neevah thought this puppet was great for singing Little Peter Rabbit

Little Peter Rabbit
Little Peter rabbit had a fly upon his nose
a fly upon his nose
a fly upon his nose
Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose
so he flipped it and he flopped it
and it flew away

Little Peter rabbit had a very floppy ear
O Dear
a very floppy ear
O Dear
a very floppy ear
O Dear
Little Peter rabbit had a very floppy ear
so he flipped it and he flopped it
and it stood up straight

(these are the words we sing I'm not sure if they are 100% correct)


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