Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sneak Peak - Magnet Dancer

Here is a sneak peak at a Magnet Dancer i am making for Neevah this is still a work in progress but it is fully functional and play ready. I have plans to make it pretty with a gift box stage, adding a handle to the underneath magnet and spending more time on the dancer herself I feel she needs some sparkle.
The Dancer is a colouring page that I found online we don't have a working printer at the moment so i just copied it straight off the screen. The Stage is a tissue box I have cut the opening larger for easier access to the magnet and the box is blue tacked to the table so it doesn't move around as you pull and push the magnet. To make the dancer stand up she is glued to a cardboard strip which is bent into a triangle shape at the bottom this added stability and is also a great place to attach the top magnet.


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