Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anzac Day - Handprint Poppy Flower

It is fast approaching Anzac Day while Neevah and Liam do not understand the meaning of Anzac Day or Soldiers or War for that matter (I figure there is plenty of time to learn about it when they are a bit older) I still think it is important that they know it is a day we commemorate. I gave her a very simple explanation that a Poppy is a symbol of remembrance on Anzac Day although she probably doesn't know what remembrance is either she knew we where making a Poppy because it will be Anzac Day soon. Neevah really enjoyed this messy craft....

You will NeedPaper or Thin Card
Red Paint
Black Sequins

Baby Wipes - to minimise the mess

To Make
1 .Paint your childs hand red and press down on the paper do this over and over to form a circle fingers pointing out - If your child is able to let them paint their own hand2 . Let Dry
3 .Glue the black sequins in the middle of your Poppy4 .Let Dry5 .Cut out your Poppy or you could leave it on a full sheet of Paper and write Lest We Forget or We will remember them
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