Sunday, April 18, 2010

Playing with Pegs

Neevah loves playing with pegs if i am hanging out the washing and run out of pegs I know where to find them she has a little stash spot in her room. Pegs are often part of her imaginative play as people talking to each other or as animal when she sings songs . Today we brought the peg basket inside and played with the pegs together...

Neevah joining the pegs together ... this is great fine motor skill practice
She made a very long chain of pegs we counted each one as she added it to the chain
Once the chain broke it became snakes and caterpillars munching away on other pegs

We made peg shapes

and peg letters ... Neevah thought this one looked like the T is for Tree we made earlier this week

Neevah making a Peg Rectangle

The basket of pegs was great fun, next to no mess, easy clean up and best of all free entertainment!

P.S please excuse the dirty feet I didn't notice they were dirty while I was taking the photos but I should have known as she had just come inside from playing in the garden!

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