Monday, April 12, 2010

T is for Tree

Last week I was a little bit slack and didn't cover all the colours i had hoped to my intentions where good but lots of my ideas never came to fruition mostly from lack of organisation. T is for Tree nicely covers 2 of the colours we only touched on last week green & brown and also ties in nicely with the nature colour matching activity we did on Saturday.

You will Need
2 pieces of A4 paper
brown and green paper
brown and green crayon / marker pen

To make
1 . Cut a trunk shape from the brown paper and elongated cloud shapes from the green paper (this will be the leaves)2 .Let your child decorate the trunk with a brown crayon3 .Let you child decorate the leaves with a green crayon4 .Draw a large T shape on 1 piece of paper - you could easily skip this step and draw the T onto the background piece of paper if you wish
5 .Glue the trunk onto the T6 .Glue the leaves onto the T7 .Cut out the T and glue it to your background piece of paper

You can find another great T is for Tree at No Time For Flash Cards


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