Sunday, April 11, 2010

Through My Children's Eyes

If only I could see the world through my children's eyes and behold everything the way they do. I love how something with such a defined purpose in my own mind can be seen in such a different light by my children, their view of the world gives objects so many wonderous uses, the extent of their imaginations amazes me everyday. While watching them having a shower this evening a concert unveiled itself before our eyes with Liam on his drum an empty shampoo bottle and two toothbrushes and Neevah the lead singer with a toothpaste tube microphone while Mummy and Daddy were the captive audience watching through a steamy shower screen. This has reminded to step back and let little minds be as much as I might have a plan for an activity their view or take on the same activity may lead us somewhere totally different to a new outcome and if it doesn't work out just imagine all the things they will learn along the way.

P.S honestly how many different objects in one house can be used as a phone? I think i have lost count


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