Monday, April 5, 2010

Y is for Yellow

This week we are going to concentrate on colours so we are starting with Y is for Yellow. Neevah still has trouble naming a few of her colours some she has down pat others she really has to think about such as Yellow, Brown, Blue & Purple fingers crossed we will cover all of this before the week is out.

You will need:
2 pieces of paper in different colours
3 - 4 Serviettes or Paper towels
Yellow food colouring
Yellow and or Black marker pens
Spray bottle with water

To Make
1 . Get your serviette and put 4 - 5 drops of yellow food colouring on it and then spray with water so the yellow bleeds through the serviette but don't over soak it with water as this will wash the colour out and onto the table (you may want to put newspaper down first)

2 .Let your serviettes dry - we put ours outside to dry on the washing line in the process i ended up with very yellow fingers! so after this step make sure you wash hands etc so the food dye doesn't stain
3 .Cut up your dry yellow serviettes - I gave one to Neevah to practice her scissors skills and I cut the rest up for her into squares and rectangles

4 . Draw a large Y on one piece of paper - Neevah then drew on her Y with yellow marker but this is totally optional
5 .Glue the yellow pieces onto the Y6. Once dry cut out the Y and glue it onto your remaining piece of paper I then went around the outside of the Y in black marker just to make it stand out a better as we didn't choose the best background paper for our Y


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