Thursday, May 6, 2010

Box Jellyfish

This week we will have a little bit of an underwater theme going on due to a book we have been reading the story isn't great but Neevah enjoys pointing out all the sea creatures in the pictures. Last night while reading it was decided we would make a jellyfish today and I have used nature for inspiration ... nature provided us with the box jellyfish which is known for its cube like shape the 3 year old crafting equivalent would have to be a jellyfish made using a box so that is just what we did.

You Will Need
An Empty Box closed on one end open on the other
Wiggly Eyes
Sponge /Paintbrush
Crepe Paper
Sticky tape
Ribbon (if you want to hang your jellyfish)

To Make
1 .Trim up the box if needed and remove any flaps off the open end
2 .Paint the box - Neevah really wanted to sponge paint again today3 .While your child paints cut strips of crepe paper to be the tentacles - we used 10 strips
3 .Let Dry
4 .Glue on the eyes5 .Make a hole in the top of the box if you want to hang it and thread a ribbon through the hole and knot so it doesn't pull back through6 .Stick on the tentacles with sticky tape

Holding the jellyfish by the ribbon you can make it dance and blob about which is quite fun.


Grandma said...

great jelly fish Neevah.

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