Monday, May 3, 2010

O is for Owl

O is a bit of a tricky letter with pretty limited crafting possibilities in the end I gave Neevah the choice of O is for Octopus or O is for Owl she sees a little partial to birds at the moment so the Owl won hands down.

You will need
Brown paper
Yellow Paper
Paper for the background
Wiggly Eyes
Marker Pen

To Make

1 .Draw a large O with the marker pen on brown paper
2 .Let your child decorate the O with crayons - Neevah coloured hers Brown and Black3 .Cut out 2 circles, wings and tufts from the brown paper and feet and a beak from the yellow paper
4 .Cut out the O
5 .Glue the O onto the background sheet of paper
6 .Glue the wiggly eyes onto the brown circles and then glue the circles onto the O7 .Glue on the beak,wings, feet and tufts


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