Saturday, May 29, 2010

Funky Flowers

Flowers are definitely not one of Neevah's favourite things she much prefers animals but today she humored me and I tried to introduce her to simple patterning. Now to be honest I am not sure if she really got it but we did have fun chanting the colours as we stuck on the flower petals. In hindsight I think we should have kept everything in rows so it was easier to follow especially since she is just starting so i will put this out there as a way to create funky flowers rather than a patterning activity.

You will Need
Green Paint
Paint Brush
Green Paper
Pom Poms
Post it note index flags

To Make
1. Cut thin strips of green paper to be flower stems
2 .Paint fingers green and press them along the bottom of the paper for grass3 .Stick on the flower stems and pom poms for the center of the flowers4 .Pick 2 colours of index flags and stick them around the pom pom as flower petals Overall I think Neevah enjoyed this activity and the index flags made pretty funky flowers but we will have to re visit patterning again and keep it more traditional until she is more confident with it.
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