Friday, June 4, 2010

Cup of Love for Daddy

This was a just because craft .... just because it is nice to let family and friends know you love them but it could be made for Fathers Day, Mothers Day or maybe even as a Get Well Soon.

You will need
Paper Cup /Yoghurt Container or similar
Marker Pens
StrawsPlaydough or similar
Sticky Tape

To Make
1 .Paint your cup2 .Let it Dry
3 .Cut 6 - 8 Hearts from paper - We used Pink Paper, White Paper and some paper that Neevah had painted on earlier with red paint
4 .On some hearts write what your child loves about their Daddy - When I asked Neevah what she loved about Daddy she said 'I Love Daddy' 'I Love Daddy cuddles' and 'I Love Daddy Cooking'
5 .Let you child draw/decorate other hearts - Neevah drew smile faces on two of the hearts because Daddy likes smiles6 .Tape the straws to the back of the hearts
7 .Put a ball of playdough into the bottom of the painted cup
8 .Arrange the hearts in the cup by pushing the straws into the playdough9 .Present the Cup of Love to Daddy


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