Monday, June 7, 2010

K is for Key

Neevah likes to be helpful and one of the most helpful things she does is opening the door to let the dog in and out but her interest in doors is not always helpful until quite recently she has also enjoyed locking herself in the bathroom and toilet thankfully they can unlocked from the outside. With all this interest in doors, locking and unlocking K is for Key seemed to be the obvious choice.

You will need
Paper in 3 different colours
Marker Pens

To Make
1 .Cut out some key shapes from one coloured paper
2 .Draw a large K on a different coloured piece of paper and let your child decorate it with marker pens - Neevah was into orange today requesting an orange K and orange marker pen3 .Cut out the K
4 .Glue your K onto the remaining piece of paper5 .Glue on the keys onto the K
Another great K is Key can be found here


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