Thursday, June 3, 2010

Paper Plate Bird

Old MacDonald had a farm E I E I O and on that farm he had a bird ..... with a tweet tweet here and a tweet tweet there .....

You will need
Paper Plate
2 pieces of coloured paper

Craft Knife or similar

To Make
1 .Paint the paper plate whichever colour your child wants2 .Let Dry
3 .Cut out a triangle for the beak and another large triangle with a rounded end for the tail
4 .Take a full piece of paper and fold it accordion style for the wings - I did this step as Neevah was not interested
5 .Fold the paper plate in half and cut a slit in the paper plate with a craft knife - the slit needs to go through both halves of the paper plate
6 .Thread the wings through the slit you just cut - I threaded the wings through as it was a bit fiddly but if you cut the slit a bit wider the kids could do this themselves - Neevah took over when there was enough wing for her to pull through
7 .Glue on eyes, beak and tail8. Take the bird outside to play
Neevah making her bird fly

The bird found a comfy branch to take a rest

If I was doing this for a larger group of children i would prefold the paper plates and cut the slits for the wings before giving them to the children to paint as it would make the activity run smoother

Inspiration for this bird craft can be found here


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