Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rainy Rain Cloud

It is raining it is pouring the old man is snoring .... Ok so it isn't pouring but it has been raining off and on and what better rainy day craft is there than making you very own rainy rain cloud.

You will need
Thin card (cereal box or similar)
Grey Paint
Blue Paint
Sticky Tape

To Make
1 .Cut out a cloud shape from the thin card
2 .Paint the cloud grey3 .With the left over card paint it blue4 .Let the paint dry - this took a long time and while we were waiting Neevah decided to have a nap once she woke up it was to late to finish off her cloud so we finished it the next day
5 .Cut raindrop shapes from the blue card
6 .Cut 3 lengths of wool
7 .Make 3 small holes in the bottom of the cloud and thread your wool through the hole and knot at the back - you can put some tape around the very end of the wool to make it easier for little fingers to thread
8 .Tape the raindrops onto the wool

We have hung the rain cloud on the window and it matches the weather outside pretty well lots of grey clouds about today.

Inspiration for this craft can be found here


Vicky Piggin said...

Today my son Nico and I enjoyed making this rain cloud. He was able to do a lot more on his own that I had expected! He especially loved making the holes for the string to thread through. I remembered an old 'play-school' trick to help little ones make holes safely. We put a thick lump of blue-tac under the card and used a pencil to poke a hole through the card (and into the blue-tac underneath). The rain cloud is proudly hanging in his room.

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

Well done Nico! and what a great way to make the holes I will have to try that out with Neevah next time. Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment Vicky :)

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