Monday, July 19, 2010

I is for Ice cream

So last week we focused on fruit this week so today we let our hair down a little and went for the treat foods with I is Ice cream. We don't often eat Ice cream but when we do Neevah likes chocolate or vanilla so I was a bit surprised today when she asked for blue ice cream with chocolate sprinkles for this craft

You will need
3 pieces of paper in different colours
Scrap paper for sprinkles

To Make
1 .Cut out an Ice cream shape from coloured paper and sprinkles from the scrap paper
2 .Draw a large I on 1 piece of paper - the I will be the cone so we picked a yellowish colour
3 .Decorate your I with crayons4 .Cut out the I once your child has finished decorating it
5 .Stick the I onto the background piece of paper6 .Stick the ice cream on top of the I7 .Glue sprinkles onto the ice cream


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