Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paper Bag Parrot

Every good Pirate needs a Parrot and this one came out pretty cute Neevah did a fantastic job with the glue.

You will need
Small Paper Bag
7 feathers
Construction Paper
Wiggly Eyes

To Make
1 .Cut out a beak and 6 feather shapes from the construction paper - we used a mix of pink and orange paper
2 .Glue one feather to each paper feather shape - we did it this way as the feathers did not want to glue straight to the bag3 .Glue on the eyes to the front of the bag4 .Glue the beak on to the front of the bag5 .Glue 3 feathers to each side of the bag for wings6 .Make a small hole in the top of the bag and push a feather into it7 .Pop the parrot on your hand and you an use it like a puppet

Neevah showing me the Parrot has eyes


Deborah said...

I have been collecting all your fabulous pirate activities!

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

Thanks Deborah I am pleased you are enjoying our Pirate posts :)

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