Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pirate Treasure Playdough

So I have been entertaining this idea for quite awhile about making Treasure Playdough and exactly what it would or could be and finally today we gave it a whirl as it seemed a perfect fit for our Pirate theme. Neevah had a lot of fun getting her Little People involved in the playdough fun today with comments such as 'look special treasure' and 'wow pretty sparkles'.

Playdough Recipe
2 cups of plain flour
2 tbs Cream of Tartar
2 tbs Cooking Oil
1 cup Salt
2 cups of Water
Food Colouring

Mix all ingredients in a saucepan (except food colouring) stir over medium heat for 3 - 5 mins or until the mixture congeals. Once cool add food colouring.

You will need
Jewels (anything you think might look special)
Small Empty Box
Scrap of white paper
Scrap of black paper

To Make
1 .Take your box if it has a hinged lid you are ready to decorate if it doesn't (ours didn't) cut one side of the box to form a hinged lid so it looks a little like a treasure box
2 .Let your child paint the treasure box any colour they would like3 .Let Dry
4 .From the black scrap paper cut a rectangle and from the white scrap paper cut out 2 bone shapes
5 .Add jewels and glitter to the playdough - we made a bar of gold (yellow playdough with glitter), a pile of sapphires (blue playdough with blue gems) and a tangle of necklaces (green playdough with a plastic necklace wrapped around it)6 .Glue the bones onto the black paper7 .Glue the black paper to the top of the treasure box8 .While your child is occupied elsewhere put the treasure playdough into their treasure box and leave it on the table for them to find

Neevah discovering the treasure playdough in her treasure chest

Neevah draping her little people in Pirate Jewels


amandab said...

That looks like some very fun play dough! I think it might be a fun thing to do with some of the shells we collected at the beach today :)

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

Shells would be a great item to add to Pirate Playdough! I love how people build thier own activities off ideas we share it makes me smile everytime :)

Deborah said...

That is such a cool idea! Really gives room for lots of play and imagination:)

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

Thanks Deborah the kids thought it was pretty special :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This post has been selected as one of my great posts of the week. Here is the link to my post:

littlewondersdays said...

Great idea! This would also make fun favors at a pirate bday party. I found your post from jdaniel4smom.

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