Saturday, July 10, 2010

Toilet Paper Roll Binocular Fun

This activity was a lot of fun and Neevah enjoyed it a lot more than I thought she would with squeals of delight and exclaiming 'noculars can see clouds' and 'look monkey through noculars'

You will need
2 toilet paper rolls
Marker Pens

To Make
1 .Cut your piece of paper to be the same width as the length of the toilet paper rolls
2 .Get your child to decorate the paper with maker pens3 .Glue one toilet paper roll to each end of the paper4 .Roll the toilet paper rolls inwards and glue together where they meet
5 .Make holes in the toilet paper rolls and thread ribbon through the holes so the binoculars can be worn around the neck
6 .Put some toy animals out in the garden
7 .Have lots of fun spying on the animals through the binoculars

Look a Giraffe eating a plant

Stalking a Hippo

Look a Monkey in the Tree

Taking a closer look at the Monkey

Painting the toilet paper rolls would be another great way for the kids to decorate the binoculars. Making the craft a bit simpler for little kids as rolling the toilet paper rolls in the paper was a bit fiddly but unfortunately paint would have taken a very long time to dry today.


amandab said...

Thank you! Something else to do with the 50,000 toilet rolls I have saved to create with (only a very slight exageration!)!

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

I hope Princess has lots of fun playing with her Binoculars :)

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