Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We Play - Pirate Sink or Float

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We     Play

Wahooo water play! Neevah was in with a grin today when I asked if she wanted to go outside and play with a bucket of water. If it was a little bit warmer i would have filled up the paddling pool for our Pirate version of Sink or Float but it is still winter and a bucket is a lot less tempting to hop into. I gathered up some items that are loosely pirate themed coins, coloured stones (pirate jewels), feathers (off the pirates parrot of course) and the Pirate Ship we made yesterday. The first time we played I announced if the item was sinking or floating and Neevah soon joined in with much excitement after doing this a few times I left her to explore by herself.

Pirate Coins sink

Parrot feathers float and stick to your fingers when wet

Pirate Jewels sink with a splash

Pirate Ships float

until you load them up with to much treasure

then pirate ships sink to the bottom

And then a question I was not expecting What do Pirates do Mum? well this was a very good question as people can float and they can also sink! after a little discussion it was concluded that Pirates Swim and I really liked this answer :)

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x0xJ said...

What a fantastic game to teach kids about weight and gravity but in a really fun way. And also dealing with different textures! I'm stealing this for the next warm day we have!

amandab said...

Sinking and floating is a regular and fun bath time activity at our house. "Will my fish still float if I put the soap on it, Mumma?" :)

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

x0xJ - I never really thought about textures at the time but we did included a few such as slippery

Amanda - Neevah loves to brush all her toys teeth in the bath she must put at least 10+ little people (animals & people) in the bath each night for this activity :)

Jackie H. said...

I never thought about doing sinking and floating with pirates!!! All kids love pirates, right??? What a great way to engage them.

joyce:waddleeahchaa.com said...

Any type of play with water is always a hit and there is also a lot of learning going on too. Thanks for your post. :)

Gill@OurParklife said...

Oh yes, we have been doing a lot of float/sink games in the bath lately...But adding the pirate fun to it is a lovely extra. Gorgeous photos!

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