Friday, July 2, 2010

Winter Flower Crowns

We have had a string of pretty dark winter days and there is nothing better to brighten things up a bit than having friends over to play and to make some pretty flower crowns. I have seen a neat technique around lots of blogs to use a soft drink bottle to make flowers and really wanted to try it out if you have not seen it you can find instructions here. The kids used this technique to print up 3 or 4 sheets of flowers once the flowers were dry and cut out they glued them onto cardboard bands to make pretty flower crowns

Free Art Painting - after the flower printing was done

More Free Art

Gluing flowers onto the crown

To busy playing to stop for a photo - but look at those pretty crowns

To be quite honest the girls didn't really get into the printing flower shapes with the bottles but the both loved wearing the flower crowns and it certainly brightened up our day having friends over to play :)


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