Monday, July 5, 2010

Z is for Zebra

Neevah has a new favourite book The Very Cranky Bear - by Nick Bland unfortunately we need to return the book to the library today but before we did we made our own Zebra with fantastic stripes just like the one in the story. I must say this new found book fitted in great with out letter of the week craft and has sparked a few ideas for a Safari theme this week not that we will find a bear on safari but I am sure Lion and Zebra will be making a few appearances this week.

You will need
White Paper
1 piece of Coloured Paper
Black Paper
Black Paint
Painters or Electrical Tape
Black and Red Marker Pens

To Make
1 .Cut lengths of tape and put them somewhere easy for your child to pick them up - we stuck ours to the edge of the table
2 .Draw a large Z on the white paper
3 .Let your child stick the tape onto the Z anyway they like also put a wide stripe where you would like the eye and mouth to be4 .Paint the Z black5 .Let Dry
6 .From the black paper cut a pointy mane and from the white paper cut an ear
7 .Once dry cut out the Z and carefully remove the tape
8 .Glue it on to the piece of coloured paper9 .Glue on the mane and ear
10 .Draw a eye and a mouth


Cathy said...

That turned out REALLY great! I have been searching the web to find a cute letter Z craft and this is by far the cutest little zebra I have seen. :)

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

Thank you!

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