Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dig & Match Game

I actually put this game together for Liam who is just starting to learn his colours but Neevah bet him to it and gave it a go while he was having a nap.

You Will Need
Shallow Container
Sand or similar
Egg Carton (we cut one in half)
Paint or Coloured Paper
Spoon (optional)

To Make
1. Paint the inside or each egg cup a corresponding colour to the beads you have or you could add a piece of corresponding coloured paper into the bottom of each cup
2 .Put the sand into the shallow container and bury the beads in the sand
3 .Invite your child to dig up the beads and drop them into the right egg cup

Found One

Matching the Colours

Getting her hands into the digging action

Pushing the beads back into the sand so she could play again

Neevah really enjoyed the digging aspect of this game it made a simple colour matching game lots of fun! I would love to try this again as an Alphabet or Number Matching Game I think she would find that a lot more challenging.


amandab said...

I've just bought a heap of supplies for an activity for Princess' birthay party, an this would be a great activity to the leftovers (of which there shoul be many!), ao thank you :)

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

I hope Princess enjoys her party :)

Jackie H. said...

What a great spin on sorting by colors. Good way to change it up! Love it!

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