Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hand Tracing Duck

We went to the park this morning to feed the ducks and play on the slide but we had to leave in a hurry when it started to rain much to Neevah's dislike. When we got home we decided to continue the duck fun by making our own duck like creation.

You will need
White Paper
Orange Paper
Blue Paper
Pen /Marker pen

To Make
1 .Start by cutting out all the shapes you will need - from the orange paper cut legs,feet and a beak. From the white paper cut an egg shape body
2 .Trace around your childs hand on the white paper or let them trace around their own hand if they can3 .Cut out the hand shapes these will be wings
4 .Glue the body onto the blue paper5. Glue on the legs and feet
6 .Glue on the wings7 .Glue on the eyes8 .Glue on the beak and draw 2 black nostrils
So it didn't turn out completely duck like but Neevah was happy :)
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