Sunday, August 1, 2010

Spice Pictures

I love open ended art projects! set your little one up with all the bits and see what they create there is no right or wrong it is about them and what they would like to create. This is a great idea for cleaning out the cupboard of all the old spices that are past there expiry date or ones you simply don't use. Neevah loved this activity the freedom to create, the aroma of the spices and I was happy the clean up was super easy much easier than glitter.

You will need
Black Paper (or any dark coloured paper would work)
Old Spices - we used ginger, curry powder and salt but I can think of lots of other interesting spices to try.

To Make
1 .Drizzle or paint glue onto the paper2 .Sprinkle the spices onto the glue - the salt looks all sparkly once the glue has dried3 .Try rubbing the spices into the glue for a different effect3 .Let them keep creating as long as they like - Neevah created 3 masterpieces before she was ready to call it quits
So simple and a lot of fun
Inspiration for this craft can be found here


Deborah said...

Great activity for all the senses!

Becky said...

This is awesome. I love that it incorporates so many different senses. Just wonderful.

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

It is cool isn't it! my house smelt like curry powder for quite awhile this afternoon which got me thinking about doing this again at Christmas with Cinnamon etc

lori said...

summer cleaning the classroom art closet and i found lots of leftover cinnamon from projects. this is a fantastic idea for our christmas time units.

Marilyn623 said...

I think I will ask my preschool parents to also clean out their spice cupboards, too...they can bring them into class for a donation!

Vicky said...

I am off to the cupboards! Nico will love this one :o)

kimberly said...

♥ it, though at school we can not use food in our art or sensory experiments as to many of our families often go without enough food.

Tina said...

Awesome idea!! SO many great smells in my pantry, will try this activity for sure! :) Thanks for great play inspiration! Tina

Muma Paparazzi said...

Fantastic idea! We've been doing glitter painting all morning and I'm not looking forward to finding it for the next 6 months! Spices would work so much better and get the senses going....thanks for the inspiration x

Jackie H. said...

Love it! I love how it engages all if the senses. Also my 2 yo is really in to glue right now!!

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