Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Name Sprinkle Art

Neevah starts Preschool in 3 weeks so we have been doing a few activities related to name recognition and I have to say Name sprinkle art was a huge success. Mess factor could be quite high depending on the ages involved ... Liam joined us for art time today he thoroughly enjoyed himself and made a much bigger mess than Neevah did.

You Will Need
Zip Lock Bag(s)
Food Colouring

To Make
1 .Pour salt into the zip lock bag and add a few drops of food colouring close the bag and let your child mix the colour through the salt. You may need to add more food colouring depending on how much salt is in the bag.
2 .Lay the salt out on a piece of newspaper or similar and let dry for roughly 15 mins - we skipped this step and the colour bleed when it was put on the glue so had to wait for the salt to dry a little and try again
3 .Write your childs name in glue on a piece of paper
4 .Let them cover the glue in coloured salt
5 .Shake of the excess salt
6 .Let Dry - you may want to keep it flat to start with

A few tips:
- Make sure you space out the letters when writing them with the glue the first time I got a few letters a little close together and they sort of merged once the salt was added
- Have a few extra sheets of paper on hand as it is great to let them make their own creations as well as their name
- While the mess is pretty easy to clean up maybe try doing this on a baking tray it make keep the salt a little more contained

Liams sprinkle art

We did start out with Blue and Orange salt but once they shook the salt off their art a few times it all mixed in together .... for this age group I think one colour would be adequate unless they are good at keeping them separate
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