Monday, September 13, 2010

Popcorn Blossom Tree

Spring has sprung in our neighbourhood and while out and about last week we noticed some gorgeous trees covered in white blossoms. From a distance these trees look like they are covered in popcorn ....

You will need
Blue Paper
Brown Paper
Green Paint
Brown Crayon

To Make
1 .Draw a trunk and branches on brown paper and cut it out
2 .Glue the tree onto the blue paper - this was a bit fiddly for Neevah as I made the branches a little skinny in Hindsight this might be better done with Brown Paint or Brown Makers
3 .Use the brown crayon to give your tree bark - Neevah drew lots of circles on her trunk 'place for the animals to live'
4 .Glue the popcorn blossoms onto the tree
5 .Paint your fingers green and press them at the bottom of the tree for grass
6 .To dry leave the picture flat


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