Thursday, September 9, 2010

Toilet Paper Roll Colourful Shakers

I really have no idea what to call these ... maybe Parade Shakers? or Pom Poms? but I do know they are lots of fun to play with and they make a great rustling noise. Shake them up high, Shake them down low, Shake them to the left and Shake them to the right, Jump up and down and Shake them all about .....

You will Need
2 Toilet paper rolls
Colourful Streamers
Coloured Paper

To Make
1 .Cut streamers to desired length you will need roughly 10 - 15 per shaker - I cut 15 roughly 20cm long pieces of streamer per shaker. I left 10 at full width and the remaining ones I cut in half width ways
2 .Cut the coloured paper to size roughly 10cm x 15cm - make sure it is big enough to wrap around your toilet paper roll
3 . Tape the streamers to each end of the toilet paper roll4 . Tape the coloured paper to the toilet paper roll then wrap/roll the paper around the toilet paper roll and secure with more tape - this step was a little hard for Neevah and she needed my help to get the paper around the tube tightly. Other alternatives would be to paint the toilet paper roll first or decorate the roll with stickers5 . Now it is time to shake shake shake

Neevah having fun jumping on the bed with her shakers


amandab said...

Woohoo! Something new to do with toilet rolls! Just need to buy some crepe paper! :)

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

hehehe hope Princess enjoys making shakers .... has she tried making trees using toiet paper rolls they might make great scenery for her toilet roll people army :)

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