Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We Play - Name Soup

Don't forget to stop by Childhood 101 We Play where you can find lots of other great play ideas....

We     Play

Name Soup was inspired by last weeks We Play by Adventures with Kids were they fished for ping pong balls. We don't have any ping pong balls or a fishing net so using a bit of creative license I gathered together some lids and a slotted spoon. On the lids I wrote the letters of Neevahs name and I also wrote her name on a piece of cardboard for reference

Pulling the first letter out of the soup

Once she pulled out a letter she laid it over top of the same letter on the reference card

Yay! we spelt Neevah
She spelt her name out like this twice
but what she really enjoyed was ....

Giving the soup a good stir

Pulling out each letter and naming it

To change the game up a bit take away the reference card and see if they can still spell their name or add a few extras letters not contained in their name. For older children you could spell out other words like cat, dog etc and maybe on the reference card instead of having the word spelt out you could have a picture of the animal. I am sure there are plenty or other ideas that would work including numbers.


Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

Love this! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

amandab said...

Oh!What a good idea! I don't have any lids, but I am sure I could use the Scrabble tiles :)

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

very fun, educational activity!

Be A Fun Mum said...

I love it! I'm going to start collecting milk lids...

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

Thanks Everyone! I would love to see other peoples spin on this activity :)

DLMomof3 said...

Kids love to play with water and this incorporates a spelling activity at the same time. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

CatWay said...

What a great spin on my fishing idea. Thanks for sharing it because I think my son will love it.

Kebeni said...

great idea and great use for bottle tops

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

Catway - I'm pleased you ike our take on your fishing activity

Centers and Circle Time said...

I'm doing an Alphabet theme this week. I planned on adding magnetic letters to our water table. I think I'll add the slotted spoons and name cards! You're the coolest! Thanks for sharing!

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

What a great activity, you really are a very clever mama :)

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

I am just pleased everyone likes the idea :)
thanks for all the great comments

Deebi27 said...

Can't wait to try this out (right now) as an outdoor activity. As the weather cools we can bring the game inside!

Jenna said...

LOVE this idea! I've been collecting lids for the past couple months. And this week, I get to try it out with my kids and daycare kids...We are working hard on number recogntion, and think this activity would be perfect!
Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Going to try something similar today with my daycare children as we are talking about letters this week! I am going to use the large foam bathtub letters for them to find. However I don't have enough for everyone to spell there name some need the same letter. So we are just going to fish for a letter and then say what the letter is. It should be fun and thanks for sharing a cool idea!

Melissa said...

This is a great idea! I can't eat to try it with my 3 year old this week. Thanks so much for sharing!

EC said...

Thanks for sharing this great idea! We're working on letter recognition right now, so we will definitely be trying this one. (Adding water to any activity seems to make it more interesting...!)

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