Friday, October 15, 2010

Bok Bok goes the Chicken

Neevah had her first morning of preschool / kindy (depending where you live to what you like to call it) today she was totally zonked and feel asleep straight after lunch so Liam and I got crafty and made a chicken.

You will need
Thin Cardboard (cereal box or similar)
Desiccated Coconut
Scrap of red paper
Scrap of yellow paper
Wiggly Eye

To Make
1 .Draw a chicken shape on the thin cardboard and cut it out
2 .Cut out a comb from the red paper and a beak from the yellow paper
3 .Cover the chicken cutout in glue
4 .Sprinkle the coconut over the glue
5 .Shake off the excess coconut
6 .Glue on the Eye, Comb and Beak - Liam struggled a little with the beak and eye but did the comb with no help
7 .Let Dry
Liam and Bok Bok

If I was doing this with Neevah I would have added Legs or a Nest but Liam isn't known for sitting still for long so quick and simple was great for him.


Grandma said...

Well done Liam, just like one of Pop's chickens only white.

(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...

Love it! My son loves chickens, we will have to make this!

Philippa said...

Liam is very proud of his Chicken :)
thanks for the comments

izzy said...

I realized that you like using food in your art activities.. Although i dont like the idea, because of the wrong usage of food, but this one looks quite fun. =)

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