Monday, October 25, 2010

C is for Caterpillar

At the beginning of spring we had a few caterpillars in the garden some where little and brown and others where big, hairy with a red head. Since we have a bit of a bug theme here at the moment C for Caterpillar seemed like a natural choice after all we made B is for Butterfly back in February.

You will need
Coloured Paper - we used 5 different colours
Scrap White Paper or Wiggly Eyes
Pipe Cleaner
Marker Pen
Crayons - optional

To Make
1 .Draw a large C on one piece of coloured paper
2 .Cut out circles from a few different coloured pieces of paper making them roughly the same diameter as the width of the C - we used 9 circles for our caterpillar
3 .If you are not using wiggly eyes cut out 2 small circles from the white paper and make dots in the center to make eyes
4 .Let your child colour the C with crayons if they want to
5 .Cut out the C
6 .Glue the C onto the remaining piece of coloured paper
7 .Glue on the circles
8 .Glue on the eyes
9 .Cut a pipe cleaner in half and glue on to the head as antennae
10 .Draw a smile with the marker pen


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